Is CBD Effective In Alleviating Pain Caused By Arthritis?

CBD For Pain
CBD For Pain
CBD For Pain
CBD For Pain

There are some pivotal studies going on across the globe that are shedding light on the effectiveness of CBD in alleviating joint pain caused by arthritis. Many people are now trying CBD for arthritis treatment and are experiencing significant pain relief.

CBD is one of the active cannabinoid compounds that has several therapeutic properties. CBD can help in alleviating this inflammatory condition because of its anti-inflammatory effects. Millions of people around the world are now using CBD in various forms.

In this article, we will take a look at whether CBD is beneficial in alleviating arthritis pain.

Arthritis Pain Relief Using CBD

Statistics are showing that around 54.4 million people in the United States are suffering from arthritis-related conditions. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two common types of arthritis that usually affect people.

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when your immune system starts attacking your joints and causes inflammation, which leads to severe pain in the joints. This condition mainly affects your feet and hands and leads to swollen, painful joints.

The other common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis, mainly affects the cartilage of your bones, which will lead to severe pain and stiffness in your joints. Unlike rheumatoid arthritis, it mainly affects your hips, knees, and thumb.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Arthritis Foundation, a significant portion of the CBD users have claimed that the use of CBD helped them to ease the pain and swelling on their joints, which is caused by arthritis. When there was better pain relief, they were able to sleep well and reduce anxiety.

There are also several clinical and laboratory studies that support the use of CBD for alleviating arthritis. A study conducted in the year 2017 showed that CBD can easily reduce the inflammation and pain caused by osteoarthritis. The main reason for this might be the anti-inflammatory properties possessed by CBD. This cannabinoid will reduce the inflammation in your joints and thereby the pain caused by it.

Some recent studies revealed that the CBD will interact with some of the receptors in your body that influence pain and inflammation. CBD can control the levels of anandamide in your body and manage the pain caused by this inflammatory condition.

Using CBD For Pain Relief

We have already discussed that CBD can help in alleviating pain caused by inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Topical CBD creams are widely used by people to alleviate joints pain. CBD creams and lotions ensures localized pain relief. Rubbing a small portion of CBD cream on your affected joints thoroughly will help in reducing the inflammation in that region.