Different Types Of CBD Extraction Methods

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CBD Extraction Methods
CBD Extraction Methods

We know that Cannabidiol, or commonly known as CBD, is one of the many cannabinoids compounds of the hemp plant. CBD is very effective in treating many health problems that affect the human body. There are many products that are infused with CBD oil that gives numerous health benefits. There arises a question; how CBD oil is made? CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. After the extraction, CBD oil is infused in different products to give them the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

CBD oil is extracted from the plant material through different types of extraction methods. In this article, we will discuss some of the common CBD extraction methods.

Steam Distillation

This CBD extraction method uses steam for separating CBD oil from the hemp plant. This process requires a glass flask for keeping the plant material. The flask is connected to another glass container that contains water. The outlet of the glass flask is connected to a condenser tube.

When the water in the glass container heats up, the steam moves towards the plant flask and separates the oil vapor that contains CBD from the plant material. The condenser tube captures the vapor and condenses them into water and oil.

CO2 Extraction

This method of extraction uses superficial carbon dioxide for separating CBD oil from the plant material. Because of the use of superficial CO2, this method is also known as superficial fluid extraction. During the CO2 Extraction process, CO2 is exposed to high pressure and low temperature using a series of pumps and pressurized chambers.

The pressurized CO2 is pumped from the first chamber to the second chamber that contains the plant material. In the second chamber, due to the presence of superficial CO2, the hemp breaks down, resulting in the separation of CBD oil from the plant. The CO2 and oil are then pumped to a third chamber, where the gas is evaporated and leave behind an extract of pure CBD oil.

Solvent Extraction

Much like steam distillation, solvent extraction also follows a similar process. But instead of water solvent extraction method uses hydrocarbons and natural solvents for separating CBD oil from the hemp. It is very efficient and less expensive than steam distillation. A little concern is that solvents like naphtha, butane, or propane can be toxic.

In order to avoid the risk, natural solvents like olive oil and ethanol can be used for solvent extraction. These solvents remove the risk of toxic residue during the extraction process. Most CBD manufacturing companies prefer CO2 extraction over solvent extraction because most of the solvents do not evaporate well in the solvent extraction method. Looking to learn more about the CBD extraction process? Read this blog about the different methods of CBD extraction.