CBD: The Next Antibiotic?

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CBD For Pregnancy
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CBD Side Effects

Getting sick, wrapped up in layers of blankets, having a runny nose and crusted eyes is not fun by any standards. This turns into something from mild annoyance to straight-up life-threatening the minute the antibiotic is unable to control the spread of the disease-causing “contagion”. But apart from the traditional, a new unconventional contender has appeared on the sidelines; CBD!

Although research is on the way, the confidence with which researchers say that they could possibly develop a CBD strain that is perfect to fight off bacterial strains and also those that are antibiotic-resistant is promising.

Could CBD be the answer to his harrowing question?

Winner Takes All: CBD V/S Antibiotic-Resistant Drugs

Antibiotics are one of the pillars that continue to support modern medicine. Helping curing diseases that used to take out scores of people before the famed pharmacologist, Alexander Fleming paved the way to discovering the first-ever antibiotic, Penicillin. We have come a long way from the first antibiotic! Millions of people around the world now depend on antibiotics to help them quickly get on their feet!

But one problem with repeated use of antibiotics is familiarity. Not for us, but for the bacterial strains that are introduced to it. Over time the bacterial strains form a sort of fighting strategy and adapt to the antibiotic, rendering it useless. This is what is called antibiotic resistance.

Although most antibiotics work on the most bacterium, their effectiveness reduces over time; with some strains straight up being “immune” to the antibiotic.

CBD has been studied to be a promising antibiotic and the results are definitely there to match! As concluded by the research team in the University of Queensland, “cannabidiol possesses surprisingly effective activity as an antibiotic, comparable to widely used antibiotics”. But not just its antibiotic, but its anti-inflammatory responses have also been studied to surpass the norm by the researchers.

As per their research, the bacteria with which tests were being carried out did not become resistant to the CBD even after well over 20 days of being exposed to it.

CBD benefits can be achieved in a variety of ways. You can take it sublingually by squirting the CBD oil under your tongue, or you can even resort to using a vape pen and vape away. Edibles will take a much longer time compared to the other two, but will give you a steady dose of CBD over many hours. Be sure to consult your doctor and make sure you’re not tied down by any CBD side effects from taking other medication and hop on to the CBD Glory train!