Can You Overdose On CBD?

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
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CBD Dosage

Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound derived from the hemp or cannabis plants, is a comparatively new addition in the medical field. Even though this compound is now legally available in some countries, it still remains an illegal compound in most of the countries across the world.

CBD can provide a large number of health benefits, also it is found to be free of intoxicating effects and addiction. However, there are still a lot of concerns existing among people about the safety of this compound. CBD is usually derived from the hemp plant, which is a variety of the cannabis plant. This fact also added to the concerns about this natural compound. Also, CBD is not approved by the FDA.

People consume CBD for dealing with different health conditions even without the prescription of a doctor. So it can be difficult for them to maintain a consistent CBD dosage. Also, there are no guidelines or standards for helping users to choose a particular CBD dosage suitable for them. Hence, people are worried about CBD overdosing and the harmful effects it can create. Therefore, through this article, we analyze the possibility of CBD overdosing and the problems that can be resulted from it for your knowledge.

What You Need To Know About CBD And Overdosing

Researchers still have not come to a conclusion about whether a person can overdose on CBD or not, as different studies conducted for finding the effects of various doses of CBD show contradictory results. However, most researchers suggest that CBD can be largely tolerated by the human body, hence, the chances for overdosing on this compound can be slim.

However, one study conducted on mice shows that higher concentrations of CBD resulted in liver toxicity and liver damage. Apart from that, there is no other authentic evidence to suggest the harmful effects created by taking higher doses of CBD.

But there are certain factors that can impact the effects created by CBD in your body. One of them includes the use of other medications. It is found that CBD may interact with certain other drugs resulting in liver toxicity. This compound might boost or inhibit the effects of these medications. Therefore, it can result in adverse effects that are not desirable. So if you are taking some other medication, make sure to seek the advice of the doctor for knowing whether CBD will result in drug interaction with those medicines.

Another important concern about CBD products is the presence of contaminants and toxic compounds. From the cultivation of the hemp plants to the extraction and packing of CBD products, a large number of chemicals can be involved. If they are not removed properly, they will be present in your final product. Hence, it can result in different health problems and can raise safety issues. So make sure that you buy CBD products from reputed brands for avoiding this risk.

The chance of overdosing on CBD is very low. However, it is better to avoid taking too much CBD, as it is better to be safe than sorry.