Best CBD Carrier Oils

CBD Carrier Oils
CBD Carrier Oils
CBD Carrier Oils
CBD Carrier Oils

There are so many types of CBD products available in the market. It include edibles, dabs and even topical creams and lotions. Most of these products are not made with CBD extracts but with the help of CBD oil. In the beginning, there were only a few CBD products such as pills, oils and tinctures. Such CBD oil is now used by many manufacturers to make different products like edibles and creams. CBD oils are considered as a pure CBD product but it is not. This is because it contains some ingredients other than CBD such as carrier oils.

What Are Carrier Oils?

As the name suggest, carrier oils are oils that carries other substance. Some substance or elements cannot exist in its raw form. For example perfume scents cannot exist in our surrounding for a long time because it will lose its fragrance over time. To prevent this from happening, the manufacturers will mix an odorless substance with the perfume. Similarly, CBD extract cannot be kept in its raw form for a long time because it may lose its properties or it may get contaminated over time. Therefore, the manufacturers use oils or alcohol to preserve its properties. Such oils that are used to contain CBD are known as CBD carrier oils.

Which Is The Best Carrier Oil For CBD

Since CBD is a natural substance, only organic oils are used to carry its properties. Some of the commonly used carrier oils are as follows.

Hemp Oil

As we all know, most of the CBD products are derived from the hemp plant. This is to make sure that it contains only a negligible proportion of THC. It has only been a few years since CBD oils came to the market and even before that, hemp oil was available. Hemp oil is the oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and it does not contain any traces of CBD. However, many producers are now using it as carrier oil for CBD.

Medium Chain Triglycerides

It is an oily substance derived from the coconut and palm oil. It has more bioavailability and it takes only less time to get digested, compared to olive oil. For this reason, it is used as carrier oil for CBD. The coconut oil based or palm oil based CBD products will help not only in the preservation of the element’s properties but also help the user to get its benefits faster. One of the best MCT-containing CBD oils is Green Garden Gold 450mg MED PAC CBD Oil.