What Does A CBD Balm Contain?

CBD Balm
CBD Balm
CBD Balm
CBD Balm

The ingredients of any CBD product may differ from one manufacturer to another. Anyhow, some things are commonly used to manufacture them. When it comes to a CBD balm, these common ingredients may include any or a combination of the following.


It is possible to derive menthol from many forms of mint. The compound may be best-known for its smell. Menthol is potent, plus it has an easily noticeable scent and counterirritant properties. These properties help to ease minor forms of localized pain.

Turmeric Oil

The powder form of turmeric is best known as a product used as part of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is thought to have originated in ancient India, which means the product has been around for a long time. The oil has several health benefits. When used in the CBD topical, it can promote healthy and clean skin.

Peppermint Oil

In addition to menthol, it also has an extremely distinctive smell. So the balm also has a pleasant smell. The component can ease itchiness, which makes it beneficial for issues such as insect bites.

Ginger Oil

There is a potent, rather ‘spicy’ smell to ginger that is suitable for use in the CBD product making process. Ginger oil might lower skin roughness, particularly when used with every other ingredient of the product.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Cannabidiol is potentially beneficial for health when it is applied to the skin. This way of using CBD is described as the ‘topical application’ and this form of a product is referred to as a ‘CBD topical’. The term ‘topical’ itself refers to a particular area of the human skin.

The thing with the topical application of CBD is that it mainly helps to deal with localized pain. This is the form of pain that affects only a particular area of the human body.

The full-spectrum extracts and the other components will work together to ease the pain and discomfort that comes in the case of ‘irritated skin’.

Understand Why Every Single Ingredient Is Used

Get to know why anything mentioned above is in the balm. Is there information regarding the purpose of using any ingredient on the product packaging? In case it is not there, consider asking the manufacturer regarding the same. It may be mixed with cannabidiol for scent, the skin-soothing effect, or in the form of a filler.

Besides, do research to know whether any of these ingredients is not ideal for a specific health condition you plan to treat. Interested in CBD balms? Check out Elixinol Hemp Balm Extra Strength.