Breathing Better: CBD For Asthma


The growing interest and the sudden industry boom of CBD, has enabled an avalanche of choices for the everyday consumer. Of the several health benefits that we have been able to seek from CBD, one that has been of particular interest is its ability to control asthma. But is this a hoax? We will help you connect the dots of how CBD could be your aid in need.

Understanding What Asthma Is

Asthma, as many know, is a condition that primarily affects the breathing and respiratory organs of the body, most importantly the lungs. It creates a challenge for the natural smooth passing of air from within and to the outside. The condition is long-term and patients are forced to deal with it on a daily basis. In certain cases, the condition can become life-threatening. There is no end-all cure, but there are many ways in which people and doctors have been able to stop the condition from aggravating and allowing patients to live fulfilling everyday lives.

Asthma attacks occur when there is a sudden trigger. The trigger could be a sudden change in the weather or inhaling dust, pollution, or chemicals. This causes the airways to get inflamed and swollen, which narrows the airways and prevent the air from going into the lungs.

If you have shortness of breath, uncontrollable coughing, or events where you are finding it increasingly difficult to take in air, then they are trademark signs that you may have asthma. Visit the doctor as soon as possible, because you never know how serious the attack can be.

CBD For Asthma

CBD and asthma are great rivals with the former giving quite a tough fight! CBD is an excellent herbal medication that will give people much-needed relief from asthma. This is because of the strong anti-inflammatory properties of CBD that helps it reduce swelling and inflammation. CBD has also been linked to reducing the levels of TP cytokines and TH2, both of which have been connected to asthma triggers.

CBD use also reduces the excess generation of mucous, which is also a reason for the airway to be restricted. Apart from helping the airway open up, CBD also helps reduce the pain and discomfort. The interruption of the airways puts undue stress on the muscles of the airways, mainly the scalene and sternocleidomastoid, and CBD use can help avoid this.

CBD is highly therapeutic and acts as a great relaxing aid for asthma patients. Make sure that you consult your doctor and ensure you use CBD in the right way.