A Guide To Intake Methods Of CBD

Intake Methods Of CBD
Intake Methods Of CBD
Intake Methods Of CBD

Whether it is edible or therapeutic, the users most probably will be limited by the minimal number of intake methods. The popular therapeutic and health supplement differs from the common therapeutics in terms of its multiple intake methods.

In this session, we are making a comparison of different intake methods of CBD.

Sublingual Application

Sublingual application is oral intake but the product doesn’t need to be digested for CBD to reach the bloodstream. In this intake method, the right amount of the sublingual product is measured out and placed under the tongue for a minute before swallowing it. During the 1-minute period when the CBD product is kept under the tongue, CBD gets absorbed into the bloodstream through the sublingual glands.

CBD oils and CBD tinctures are two popular sublingual CBD products.


CBD edibles are prepared by adding CBD extract to traditional edibles like brownies, candies, etc. The edibles can be taken like you take any normal edible, and before the CBD reaches the bloodstream, the edible has to be digested in the stomach. In the digestion process, cannabidiol has to bypass the liver, the process that reduces the percentage of CBD that reaches the bloodstream.

Topical Application

In the topical method of intake, CBD products are applied on the skin to allow the penetration of CBD across skin layers. The administering method doesn’t facilitate the absorption of CBD into the blood as the topicals are exclusively meant for external application.CBD topicals are mainly used in skincare applications and for pain relief.


In his method of intake, vape products like CBD vape oil are heated inside special types of equipment called vaporizers. The heating process releases vapors out of the vaping equipment that is then inhaled by the user. As the vapors are inhaled, the CBD reaches the bloodstream through the permeable membrane of the lungs. Vaping is famous for the fast relief it offers, as it takes only a few minutes for the CBD to kick in.


Dabbing is similar to vaping except for the fact that the temperatures used for dabbing and vaping are different.CBD concentrates like CBD wax, CBD shatter is common CBD dabs. The CBD concentrate is placed inside the dab rig, the dabbing equipment and heated to the ideal temperature (300 to 400 ) to produce vapors that are then inhaled. Just like vaping, dabbing too offers faster relief.

The CBD market is seeing significant growth with the demand for CBD increasing every day as more testimonials from satisfied customers keep coming up.