What Is CBD Suppository And Its Uses?

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
CBD Suppository
CBD Suppository

CBD suppositories are one of the least popular and may be least known methods of administering cannabidiol. It is like other regular rectal drug administering products and hence doesn’t pose any kind of risk. CBD uses like relieving pain and inflammation related issues can be offered by these, owing due to cannabidiol’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. This method is used due to the presence of a large number of nerve endings in the rectal region and the direct therapeutic effect of cannabidiol in mitigating those symptoms. This primer will discuss CBD product, CBD suppositories and their uses; read on to know more.

What Is A CBD Suppository?

CBD suppository is a solid form of cannabidiol medication that is used to relieve ailments and it has a cylindrical shape with tapered head like a cone. There are rectal, vagina and urethral suppositories that are used for various purposes. The first one is the most common type among these, the second one is used by women and the last one is inserted into the urethra like a catheter usually by medical professionals. They are made using cocoa butter, hydrogels, polyethylene and glycerinated gelatin for the base infused with cannabidiol CBD.

Why Use CBD Suppository?

As mentioned in the introduction the vagina and rectum has many nerve endings, and the presence of mucous membranes in this area makes for effective absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. Besides, the rate of absorption is higher because of the lipid content in gastrointestinal lining and this is because natural cannabidiol CBD is soluble in fats or lipids.

Who Can Use CBD Suppository?

It is used in cases where oral consumption of CBD for systemic relief is impossible due to difficulty in swallowing. So it is used for those with severe Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, ALS because there is difficulty in controlling voluntary muscles in these neurodegenerative diseases. Besides, it is helpful for stroke victims due to the reason stated before. Apart from this, it is useful for women in easing menstrual pain by providing quick localised relief.

How To Use Them?

The rectal suppositories are inserted about 1 to 1.5 inches into the rectum while lying on the side in a near fetal position. After that, it is held down there for a few minutes. You should try to avoid abrupt movements for a few hours. As a result, it is usually recommended to administer during bed time or resting hours. Moreover, when using them it is important to practice good hygiene practises to avoid unnecessary complications.

So, suppositories are one of the least known methods to deliver CBD uses that is more suitable in situations where regular modes of delivery doesn’t work. See a list of benefits of CBD for general health here.