How To Conceal Unflavored Cannabidiol Oil’s Taste

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CBD Oil Capsules
CBD Oil Capsules

Some individuals do not like unflavored CBD oil’s earthy taste. However, it is possible to mask this distinctive taste without negatively affecting the quality of cannabidiol-infused oil. Here are some hacks to conceal it.

Have Something Sweet As You Consume The Oil

Eating sweet food alongside CBD oil is an easy trick to avoid the latter’s taste. For instance, you could consume a tablespoon of honey while you take CBD drops sublingually. You could consider drinking soda or juice and hold the drink in the mouth when CBD is being taken into the body through the tongue.

However, this will dilute CBD oil, meaning the body will perhaps get less amount of cannabidiol. Some amount of CBD will go into your digestive system, so it will not reach the bloodstream simultaneously. Trying a CBD candy is a way to counteract that while covering up the CBD product’s taste. Some CBD gummies have amazing flavors. Almost every CBD gummy is sweet and tasty, and it will deliver an extra dose of cannabidiol alongside the consumption through the tongue.

Consume CBD As Capsules

Having CBD oil capsules is a certain-to-succeed way to conceal full-spectrum CBD’s taste. CBD capsules are tasteless and convenient, and these enable swallowing the hemp extract similar to a standard pill.

It is a more discreet way to consume CBD than with sublingual administration. Just take a CBD capsule, swallow it and nobody will come to know it. This is not an option for those who find it difficult to swallow capsules.

Brush The Teeth Before Consumption

To better understand this point, think about what happened the last time you had citrus fruit or orange juice soon after brushing the teeth. It was perhaps an unpleasant experience for you in terms of flavor. This is since toothpaste cancels your sensory capability to taste some flavors. Therefore, when you have some food item, it tastes completely different.

This move can work for the oil too. Just brush the tooth and then apply CBD oil below the tongue. It will taste rather bitter, but you will not sense the same flavor as when you had consumed the product as usual.

Alongside this, hold your nose as a combination trick to mask CBD oil’s flavor. Many know that this can help them to manage CBD’s taste. By doing this, you cannot smell and will lose much of your capability to taste.

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