Studies, Survey Indicate CBD May Be An Insomnia Treatment Option

CBD For Insomnia
CBD For Insomnia
CBD For Insomnia
CBD For Insomnia

People use cannabidiol for better sleep thanks to word of mouth, plus research-backed evidence that it works as a sleep aid. There have already been some pieces of research regarding CBD and sleep issues. Anyhow, further studies are required to confirm whether it works to treat the sleeplessness issue. Here, we will look at the present research and survey results about CBD for insomnia. Remember, this is only a nascent stage of this kind of research.

Are Users Having Good Results From Cannabidiol For Insomnia?

Researchers keep looking into CBD for more information on what it is likely to provide. Meanwhile, a survey featured in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal helps to explain why individuals use cannabidiol and what they get from it. About 2,400 people took part in this survey, and around 1,500 of them said that they consumed CBD for different health conditions. Sleeplessness is among those different medical issues. In this survey, those users were asked about what effects they were receiving from cannabidiol. Shared below is a summary of their responses.

  • 475 of them said cannabidiol treated their issues very well.
  • 391 of them stated that it treated their problems moderately well.
  • 404 of them could deal with their issues well through a combination of cannabidiol and traditional medication.
  • As for 57 of them, cannabidiol did not treat their issues very well.

Judging by the results, it appears that many of the users are happy with what they experienced from CBD.

Permanente Journal’s Study On The Possible Role Of Cannabidiol As A Treatment Option For Insomnia

In 2019, that journal featured a study with details about an experiment on 72 Colorado-based clinical patients who complained of anxiety or sleeplessness. In the experiment, they were provided with cannabidiol each day, besides their usual psychiatric care. The individuals who complained mainly of anxiety took cannabidiol in the mornings as per instructions. Conversely, those who complained predominantly of sleeplessness were instructed to use cannabidiol in the evenings.

While most of them were given a CBD dose of 25 milligrams, some were provided with bigger dosages on the basis of their requirements. Shared below are details based on what those who received the insomnia treatment option experienced.

  • 66.7% of the participants said that they had better sleep after using cannabidiol for one month.
  • 56.1 of them stated that they experienced improved sleep after 2 months of CBD use.
  • Conversely, 26.8% of them experienced better sleep after using it for three months.