Does Cannabidiol Oil Expire?

CBD Shelf Life
CBD Shelf Life
CBD Shelf Life
CBD Shelf Life

As with any other product, cannabidiol oil also has an expiry date. That is to say, it is perishable, although not in the same way as any standard consumable is. It usually remains in a useable state for 12 to 24 months. Anyhow, some CBD product ingredients are also likely to change that shelf life. So, what may be playing a part in CBD shelf life? Here, we will look at which those likely factors are.

Cannabidiol’s Shelf Life Hinges On The Following

How long cannabidiol oil lasts depends on a number of factors, including the product’s quality, its ingredients, and how it is stored. Understanding those factors can aid you in choosing longer-lasting products. It can improve the shelf life of CBD gummies or any other cannabidiol product, offering you more value for money.


Unsurprisingly, a product that is higher in quality often lasts longer. That boils down to how good (or bad) the plant is and the ingredients are, the herb’s growing conditions, plus some other things.


The product’s components also matter since each of those comes with its own shelf life. That can impact your CBD product’s lasting power.


Cannabinoids for hemp derivatives are taken out of industrial hemp with a process known as extraction. There are different cannabinoid extraction methods. The one that uses CO2 as a solvent is regarded as the industry-standard method. It can maximize the levels of cannabidiol and other phytocannabinoids from the industrial hemp plant, as well as keep those components stable.


The amber bottles that cannabidiol come in are not for looks alone. Cannabidiol oil can last longer in airtight and dark-colored glass bottles. The right form of packaging aids in keeping the product from being exposed to sunlight and air. It should also have the ‘best before’ or ‘use before’ date.


Studies show that light and heat can speed up the process of CBD degrading. That is the reason why proper product storage also matters. Ideal storage conditions can aid in keeping your cannabidiol oil’s qualities of being potent longer. That said, albeit you store the product properly, the product would gradually be less effective and potent than how it is at the time of purchase.

To sum up, while cannabidiol oil would eventually expire, the usual shelf life must suffice for even a non-regular user.