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CBD: The Next Antibiotic?

CBD For Pregnancy
CBD Side Effects Getting sick, wrapped up in layers of blankets, having a runny nose and crusted eyes is not fun by any standards. This turns into something from mild annoyance to straight-up life-threatening the minute the antibiotic is unable to control the spread of the disease-causing “contagion”. But apart from the traditional, a new

A Guide To Intake Methods Of CBD

Intake Methods Of CBD
Intake Methods Of CBD Whether it is edible or therapeutic, the users most probably will be limited by the minimal number of intake methods. The popular therapeutic and health supplement differs from the common therapeutics in terms of its multiple intake methods. In this session, we are making a comparison of different intake methods of CBD. Sublingual

Why CBD Is Good For Vegans

Use Of Terpenes
CBD For Vegans Vegans are a group of people who strictly follow a diet that does not include any animal-based ingredients. Since the emergence of CBD, it is considered a perfect supplement for people following a vegan diet. This is because all the CBD products are made with organically grown hemp plants and do not

Will Trump’s Standing on Marijuana Prohibition Cost Him A Second Term? – LA Weekly

Read The Full Article on LA Weekly at: https://www.laweekly.com/how-marijuana-prohibition-may-cost-trump-a-second-term-will-bidens-prohibitionist-past-catch-up-with-him/ Every day there are news stories about marijuana legalization, the marijuana business and financial analysis, medical marijuana/CBD studies, etc. However, there is almost no discussion of marijuana prohibition, which remains the policy of the U.S. government and the Trump administration. As CannaLawBlog.com reported, “During his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump...

Living Senior LLC Launches New Platform, CBD Seniors, In An Effort To Promote CBD Usage & Awareness Among Seniors

LAS VEGAS, March 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Living Senior LLC is proud to announce their latest venture, CBDSeniors.com, a web platform that has been created in an effort to promote the usage of hemp-based products among the senior citizen community (those aged 50+). The founders of CBD Seniors have set out to educate seniors and their families...